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On the 19th January 2013, Prominer321 founded the Jack's Journey Wiki. At first, he was the only editor but then a few editors came and made about some edits. Then, Dirdor came and helped the wiki to a big extent. Prominer321 & Dirdor both stopped editing at the end of May 2013 leaving the wiki editorless until 2014.


On the 22nd April 2014, a Moderator of Jack's Journey itself stumbled upon the wiki and took immediate interest. With Prominer321 still active for almost a year, Luke contacted him on Twitter. Prominer321 then gave him rights and he is still editing here. Dirdor then returned with the persuasion of Luke and went on to become an Administrator. As well as that, the founders of the game Dorian1453 and YawnJJ started editing and became Administrators too. We even went on to get our very own editing bot, who most of you know as LukeBot.

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